Rec Time

Get that “MITY Fine Attitude” right here! Each day after lunch students and staff participate in a variety of activities that bring a lively addition to the MITY experience. MITY students may participate in events designed to promote camaraderie within their class or with other classes. Opportunities to build teamwork, friendships, and leadership skills abound which make this break in the day a very special time for MITY students.

From: The Desk of Mr. Rec

For newbies to MITY, the essence of the Rec Program:

The Rec Program at MITY is designed to allow MITY Fine students the chance to get into a different “activity gear” with others in their class and yes, even in other classes! It also allows students to try out new things they may have never imagined or wanted to but really didn’t want to take that risk. The good news? You can at MITY because we’re all about supporting each other with healthy risk taking! Lastly, the Rec Program fosters MITY students to shine as leaders, organizers, and participators in many different ways.

Each day, from 12:30-1:30 MITY students have either a special event to attend or on those other days find one or two of the many offered Rec activities to get involved in. (This does include intentional breathing and campus squirrel watching.) Also, yours truly will grace you with his presence in your class each morning to bring you invitations for rec activity challenges and Rec updates!

You will find out more about the Rec program on your first day but until then here are some Rec activities you can count on at MITY this session:

Class vs. Class challenges in soccer, Ultimate, Urban Bocce Ball, and Shar-oddz (a.k.a. charades)!

• The joys (and challenges) of Hula Hooping and/or “Double Dutch Jump Rope”!

• Tournament Time featuring chess and Trivial Pursuit (separate tournaments mind you)!

• The MITY Geo (-ography ) Bee!

• Duct Tape Stuff Clinics!

• Swimming and Hooping (a.k.a. with basketballs) in the Macalester Leonard Center!

• The Whacky Track Meet (which is very, very whacky according to some…)!

• Student-Led Fencing Clinic!

• Decorative beaded jewelry making with Karen!

• Ping Pong at the Leonard Center’s ‘Kofi Annan’ Ping Pong table!

• Yoga!

• “Show Mr. Rec Your Duct Tape Stuff Day!”

• Student All-Stars vs. MITY Staffers in Urban Bocce!

• The MITY Fine Daytime Talent Show…

and MORE!


Mr. Rec will visit your classroom today to prepare you for today’s fun and exciting Rec adventure!


Rec Time Video

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